Storage and Organization

Portable Copic Storage

So my desktop storage is all set - now I needed a portable solution to be able to take my copics on the road.  The Copic Carrying is very nice but a little pricey, so I checked out Pinterest for some other ideas.  I found several examples of using the Art Bin for storage - I liked this method since it was inexpensive and there is no possibilty of spillage (spillage is very bad!)  So off to Joanne's for a 50% off deal!  The bin came with dividers that made 8 cubbies.  I wanted a few more since that is how I store my markers on the desktop so I just cut some of the foam board and viola - done!

Here it is:

Copic Portable Storage

Copic Storage Cover

Happy St Patricks Day and happy inklings!


New Clip It Up!

Hi all - 

Wanted to show off my new toy - A Clip It Up!  It arrived last weekend and I have been having fun organizing with it ever since!  I have the base unit and add-on from Simly Renee.  It is awesome - it holds a lot and you can hang  almost anything from one of the clips.   I have smaller items on the top like dies, small stamps and embellishments.  The bottom rounder has mostly stamps which are organized by company.  The units come with clips, dividers, and labels for organization.  Assembly was easy  but it is taller than I anticipated - about 29 inches from base to the handle top.  The bottom section is really tall and would hold much longer items like stickers, etc.  My only problem is now I need more stamps to fill it!  (There's always a reason to buy more stamps!)  

Enough talk - here it is!

Clip It Up

Have a great day and happy inklings!